A Pome

Ode to the PAC 10

By Alan Norton

Cougars and Cats and Bears, OH MY!
The PAC is full of beasts who try
Each other to beat
The polls not to greet
And the fans but to wonder - why?

The 'Cats for the roses must wait
For their fans the pain is too great
But due of the "swarm"
They're getting quite warm
At least they are now not called "State"!

If Devils live up to their name
Then football is more than a game
Would they sell their soul
To go to a bowl?
Or rather give "Sparky" the blame?

Cal's name is golden like honey
A hue that is bright and sunny
If it meant as such
Just the Midas touch
They'd always be in the money!

The fans of the Bruins do say
Their team in first place they must stay
If changing their names
Might win them some games
They then would be CU LA!

Fans wish wtihout being too wrong
The Trojans with horse come along
Instead ot the band
Traversing the land
And playing for us just one song!

The Ducks no longer are lacking
With good picks they keep on stacking
In fact with some luck
They might even duck
The fate of teams that are quacking!

For Beavers to wear Rose Bowl rings
They'll have to perfect pigskin flings
The mascot gets decked
The run it gets wrecked
If Beavers could only grow wings!

The Dogs are no longer impaired
And death to the team has been spared
To win is no prank
And let us be frank
As long as their games do get aired!

The Cougars want only one game
The apple cup and they could claim
The best in the state
But with all that hate
Applesauce was left all the same!

One problem before us remains
Of teams and these happy refrains
It might well be red
A Pope's friend instead?
That Stanford's strange nickname explains!

Well that is my poem for now
Of that you must be glad (and how!)
Of teams way out west
Who still do their best
To visit the White House and bow

Pome - A verse that is intentionally written to be without poetic merit

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Last Updated June 30, 2007