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Video - Gato the amazing rafter cat

Lesser Goldfinch family preening


LCD Vs. CRT - Do LCDs finally match CRTs in picture quality?

ECS P965T-A Motherboard

ABIT AN8 SLI Motherboard

Foxconn 975X7AB-8EKRS2H Motherboard

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My misadventures flying with Allegiant Air
My misadventures flying with Allegiant Air


The Missing Post Mystery
A post I made to a Vista newsgroup was missing from the Outlook newsreader
Where did it go?

The Missing Post Mystery Revisited
It happened again! A post I made to a Vista newsgroup was missing from the Vista Mail newsreader
Where did it go?

A Case of Maxtaken Identity
When is a hard drive not a hard drive? Find out when!

How To

Changes to the Windows 7 Taskbar You Should Know About

Vista Image Capture 'Slipstream' SP1 and SP2 into a single Vista install disc
Detailed Instructions for Reverse Integrating SP1 and SP2 into Vista

What is RAID? Some RAID Basics
RAID 5 on a Desktop PC

How to Personalize Windows Vista

Develop and Implement a Personal Backup Plan

Ten things you can do to create better documentation
(Tech Republic)

Flash Your BIOS
Three Good Reasons for Flashing Your BIOS

Ten common mistakes you should avoid when flashing your BIOS
(Tech Republic)

Find a new dial-up ISP
Sign up for 10 free hours of NetZero access!

Create a Shutdown/Sleep/Restart or Continue Icon For the Vista Desktop

What is a computer guy doing with home remodeling projects on his Website?

The Upscale Utility Room Remodel with Catch Basin and Wraparound Ceramic Tile Wall

The Bathroom Remodel for Under $1000 Project

The Do It Yourself Bedroom Engineered Prefinished Red Oak Wood Flooring Installation From Hell

Bedroom Remodel With Wood Parquet Flooring

Use Comodo Internet Security 4.0 to Lock Down Your PC Following a Windows Install or Reinstall


The Northstar Horizon Microcomputer


Round-Tailed Ground Squirrels
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Prairie Dogs
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American Kestrel Falcons "Sparrow Hawk"
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Arizona Sonoran Desert
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Arizona Sunsets
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Cienega Creek
View More Cienega Creek Photos
Trains In the Desert
View More Trains In the Desert Photos
Desert and Mountain Flowers
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eBay ePacket Direct Shipping From Hong Kong - Should You Risk it? eBay Buyer Protection and What You Should Know About Buying From Overseas

The Other Reason Why Your Irrigation Valve Might be Leaking

My Response to the Newegg Affiliates Program Changes

Playing the Rebate Game
Know the Rules Before You Play

Vista Confusion
The four questions you need to ask before buying Vista

More details and limitations of Thunderbolt

In an article at TechRepublic, 10 cool technologies to look for in your next PC, I listed the basics of Thunderbolt. There are more details that you should know about if you are interested in the technology.

First let me admit that researching the Thunderbolt architecture has given me multiple headaches. Thunderbolt is complex. Both PCIe and DisplayPort protocols are multiplexed across one connection. That means that either a Mini DisplayPort or a Thunderbolt device can be connected to a Thunderbolt port.

Very few people understand the achievement of Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a remarkable piece of engineering by Intel. Comparing Thunderbolt to USB 3.0, the total raw bandwidth is twice that of USB 3.0 per device in each direction. Thunderbolt's useable bandwidth is 2 1/2 times that of USB 3.0 (PCIe 2.0) and more than three times that of USB 3.0 (PCIe 3.0), also per device in each direction. Now that's impressive.

As with any technology, especially in its first generation, there are limitations:

Besides the expensive cable, Thunderbolt controllers are required in both the host and peripheral device. While a USB controller costs about $3.00 USD, the Eagle Ridge and Light Ridge controllers are more expensive at at $10 to $15 per chip. The Cactus Ridge controller due in 2012 is supposed to be less expensive. In addition, according to Softpedia, yet another smaller and cheaper chip is planned called "Port Ridge" with limited functionality that could be the breakthrough needed for more Thunderbolt acceptance.

Intel has stated that developers should place equal emphasis on both Thunderbolt and USB, which isn't too surprising since Thunderbolt is Intel's technology. Thunderbolt may go the way of other proprietary interfaces like FireWire but don't underestimate the power of Intel to influence markets when Thunderbolt is integrated into their chipsets. Today Thunderbolt is a Cadillac interconnect with a Cadillac price. If Thunderbolt does make it to Intel chipsets expect those Cadillac prices to fall and the real possibility of wide consumer acceptance.

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